By constructing our new website we would like to welcome you to our on line space and from today we will share with you our thoughts and our anxious to the proper performance of the Group.

As it is today the Yacht Club of Hellenic Seas, is very well known not only in Marathon society, but also in whole Greece and even more to the European world, from their athletes successes.
Visitors of our Club entranced by the unique views, watching the historical bay of Marathon, all South Evian and the full of life beach.
In and out all the facilities of Yacht Club, are decorated by classic nautical lines, in order to be in the naval tradition. The interiors are minimalist piece the creation of conditions of comfort, civilized environment and family atmosphere.
The main objective of the Group is to foster love for the sea.
Also with social work, the Group makes its presence felt in all local matters, declaring his love in practical principles and traditions of the place, with parallel actions in the Special Olympics.